Parallel Handbuilt

Parallel Handbuilt is a sole builder, Joergen Trepp. Born in the USA, living in the Netherlands.

I’ve built dozens of wheels for no other reason than to go out and destroy them myself. They’ve been ridden, broken and fixed, torn down and rebuilt. I’ve put most of my savings into tools, greases, lubes, solvents, and parts; forged personal relationships with component manufacturers and distributors, bought their parts, ripped them apart before even building them all to judge whether or not I can sign my name under theirs.

At some point along this route, I started building wheels under my own name.

There was probably an easier way to get here. Take a job in a bike shop, maybe a few courses in bike mechanics and wheel building, spend a ton of money on marketing and a fancy logo. But I didn’t do that. I’m not interested in that sort of lack of experience and half-measure, and it is these values that have created Parallel Handbuilt.